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Delicious food for work

For clients who do not have cooking facilities on site, we can setup Pop Up Restaurants, also commonly known as Cloud Kitchens/Canteens, delivering high quality, delicious hot food to your office. This innovative and cost-effective solution has proved to be very popular with clients who do not wish to have a full service kitchen on site.

Using our state of the art production facility, your food will be cooked off-site and delivered into your office “Just-In-Time” to ensure the quality is maintained to the highest standards.

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If your company is interested in providing a healthy breakfast, lunch or dinner for their employees, we can manage, the set-up and delivery of your catering services for your entire staff. We create your choice of menu in advance based on your budget.

We have a diverse range of menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner and can cater for all dietary requirements.

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In case you missed it check out Dropbox’s testimonial here on the breakfast, lunch and dinner services we provide them! Bet you wished you worked at Dropbox!

If you would like further information, email our office at [email protected] or call us on 01-6624848.